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If you are looking for reliable and friendly site clearance services in London, look no further than HIR for all your clearing, removal and disposal needs. Site clearance is the technique of removing rubbish and waste to ensure that your area is free from hazardous materials and chemicals, unused or wanted machinery, materials and mess or any other dangerous obstacles that could get in the way of your demolition or construction process or the aftermath of a project.

Experts In Site Clearance London

If you own, manage, work or even live on a building or construction site, you will know the immense amount of materials and build-up you will find accumulating before and during the construction process. Ahead of any construction work, our fleet of site clearance experts in London can arrive at your site and take a full assessment of the required job. During this process, our contractors will look for key elements such as access restrictions and the extent of the waste and what type of waste it is (this allows us to accurately draw up pricing that reflects how the materials will be collected, removed and disposed of). 

Why Choose Our Site Clearance Services In London?

We provide full site clearance solutions for our customers. Other than debris, standard materials and scraps, there are often several hazardous substances that may be unknown to the customer – our thorough examination services ensure you get the bespoke assistance you require. We are proud to customise our projects based on individual needs and assessment results. No two jobs are the same, and we can prepare for that by providing experienced advice, best practice solutions and an excellent work ethic. As part of our unwavering assistance to ensure you get the results you need, we offer site clearance services that include fly-tipping, scrub and weed removal, asbestos and needle-picking, end-of-tenancy clearance, furniture removals, flood damage clearance and much more besides. 

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Heathrow Industrial Recycling - Vehicle and Machinery

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