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If you are looking for specialists in scrap metal recycling in London, look no further than HIR for best-practice solutions and professional service assistance. We proudly buy all types of scrap metal and offer some of the most competitive prices in the industry. So, whether you have cables and piping, major appliances, machine parts, heavy commercial vehicles, plant machinery, steel, iron, copper, or lead to get rid of, we can be of help. Similarly, if you have any old air conditioning, chiller units, or any other scrap metal you would like removed, paid for, and recycled, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Specialists In Scrap Metal Recycling In London

We recycle all commercial and industrial scrap, ferrous and non-ferrous metals at Heathrow Industrial Recycling. From unused or redundant equipment, commercial vehicles and machinery to stripping a derelict property of its cabling, metalwork and pipework, we are on hand to help you carefully remove and recycle with our highly-recommended scrap metal collection service. Our facilities are well equipped for large or small jobs; we have 20 and 40-yard skips, specialist vehicles and an experienced workforce ready to go to your site for complete commercial scrap metal collection. In addition, we guarantee a fast response and turnaround service, so your site can be professionally cleaned at your convenience.

Why Choose Our Scrap Metal Recycling Services?

We put our customer service at the forefront of our offering. We proudly deliver a hassle-free service for our customers, which includes a swift and convenient pick-up service and flexible hours to fit around you. In addition, we supply local collection and recycling of metals from waste streams, manufacturing processes, site clearance and demolition projects. Local businesses and construction sites love the quick and friendly service they receive from the Heathrow Industrial Recycling Scrap Metal collection team and know they are guaranteed a thorough and incomparable service every time.

For more information on hiring our services, contact us today.

Heathrow Industrial Recycling - Scrap Metal Recycing Services
Heathrow Industrial Recycling - Scrap Metal Recycing Services
Heathrow Industrial Recycling - Scrap Metal Recycing Services
Heathrow Industrial Recycling - Scrap Metal Recycing Services

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Scrap Metal Collectors - Why Recycle?

Recycling using our scrap metal collection reduces the need for landfills sites and leads to a positive effect on water supply, soil and land usage.

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