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At HIR Ltd, our highly-skilled demolition contractors in London are on hand to demolish buildings and provide an effective and efficient removal service. We are proud to offer dependable, affordable services to our clients. Whether you are a homeowner, landlord or own commercial properties, when you need a demolition service in London, our team can assess and proceed in time, to budget and with total peace of mind for our customers. 

Experts In Demolition Services In London

Our team is highly experienced in destroying and removing buildings, structures and houses with seamless ease and free from hassle for our customers. Our mission is to provide safe and outstanding customer service with every job we are employed to work on. Our London demolition contractors demolish anything from concrete structures, asphalt surfaces, wood, railroads, piping and drainage systems. Although our years of expertise allow us to work across all industries, each job can vary with specific specifications, so our customised approach suits our customer’s requirements.

One Of The Best Demolition Contractors In London

We provide a complete end-to-end service that demolishes and removes all debris, building materials and other objects that have come from the building destruction process.

If you require a demolition contractor in London to demolish your building or home, you must choose professionals to carry out the job. Many risks are attached to jobs of this magnitude, so seeking expertise in the area is critical. Our demolition specialists in London have the skills and knowledge but also the appropriate equipment and tools to get the job done hassle-free and safely. Get in touch with us today!

Heathrow Industrial Recycling - Demolition
Heathrow Industrial Recycling - Demolition
Heathrow Industrial Recycling - Demolition
Heathrow Industrial Recycling - Demolition

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The steady increase in the amount of carbon emissions that are being released each year is one of the main factors contributing to global warming,. If you recycle you can aid in the reduction of carbon emissions which will reduce the levels of pollution in out atmosphere and although we cannot yet undo the damage that we have done to the atmosphere we could stop any further damage from being done by recycling more and wasting less.

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