Tackling Different Types of Industrial Strip Out

Heathrow Industrial Recycling - Strip Out

In every town and city across the UK, there are hundreds of buildings that could make ideal workplaces or living areas.

But safely converting the purpose of a building is a job that requires significant effort and expertise.

If you have a space that you think could be perfect for another purpose but aren’t sure how to go about converting, hiring a company such as HIR to carry out an industrial strip out job can give you a clean slate from which to work.

By getting rid of unwanted or unneeded elements, you can start over again with a space and turn it into exactly what you envisage.

What is Industrial Strip Out?

Industrial strip out is the process of taking a building back to its bare bones. By removing the elements that have been added to a building over the years, an industrial strip out project can provide that clear, pristine space that then presents a world of possibilities to an owner.

A strip out of an industrial property can cover a wide variety of elements. It might include disconnecting the gas, electricity or water supply (or all of the above!). It might involve the removal and recycling of various pieces of waste within a building.

As mentioned, it’s all about taking things back to basics. This means pallet racking and shelving in a warehouse, scrap metal machinery in a factory strip out and other elements like cables, pipework can all be stripped out and removed.

Often HIR undertake office strip outs where partitions, counters stud walls and even desks are removed as part of the process of stripping a space back to its bare bones.

Different Projects, Different Needs

Each strip out job is different. For example, not every strip out job involves taking a building and stripping it for other uses. There are also buildings that have been damaged by fire that need to be stripped out.

Essentially, the aim is to leave a building in the best condition possible to then be renovated, converted or used to the best of its potential.

Whether it’s a factory, warehouse or other industrial building, it can be really fulfilling to take a space that is not being used to its full extent and give it a new lease of life. Industrial strip out does exactly that.

A Flexible Approach

HIR has completed hundreds of strip out jobs over the years, developing expertise that help to ensure work is done within safety regulations, with minimal disruption and maximum efficiency.

We pride ourselves on our attention to detail and have been praised for this in the past. For HIR, it’s all about doing a thorough job that meets the expectations of the customer.

You can find out more about our industrial strip out work and the other services we offer, including demolition, site clearance and scrap metal recycling, by browsing through our website.

We cover a range of areas, so don’t miss out on the chance to work with leading industry professionals.

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